martes, julio 15, 2008

Malta Bus Drivers

Hi everyone,

What we Maltese people had to witness today is something that should not happen in this day and age, Everybody should have a right to Strike but nobody have the right to stop other people from doing their Job, nobody have the right to block the roads and nobody should consider himself above the law.

On these video`s you can see some of the inconvenience that has been caused to day all over Malta .

Bus Drivers, Taxi drivers, Mini bus drivers trying to go in the Prime Minister`s office.

Buses , white Taxis and Mini Buses Blocking the Roads going in and out of Valletta

Bus drivers stopping a private Coach full of tourists from entering Valletta.

Some private coaches has had their windscreens broken and other mini buses had been attacked as well. These actions should be condemned and whoever took part should be prosecuted. Every body knows that bus drivers in Malta along with Taxi drivers hardly have any manners and that all efforts done by authorities to upgrade the service giver have4 resulted in nothing.I think it`s about time that these people have to be stopped. You cant have a public service run by a bunch of people with manners that you only can compare them with old time Pirates.