viernes, julio 18, 2008


Now that from today the public transport is back in service let`s analyze what had caused all that happened.

First of all no Government should make promises that he knows he cant keep and the one with the transport authorities was not the only one.

Before the Election Letters like the one sent by the ex minister Jesmond Mugliette where sent from basically every department to all kinds of people with all kinds of promises.

It was only days after the election that young couples found out that the "Equity Sharing scheme" in which new couples could have saved thousands of Euros when buying a new apartment was stopped, the next thing was He did not want to negotiate with the University staff about there agreement ( And they ended up with industrial action as well) .

On another note he said that he will fix things up at MEPA ( Malta Environment Planning Authority) just a few days ago they issued a press release about the permits for Fort Cambridge before that the same MEPA held a public meeting to hear what the area residents had to say.

Now just last week we had Mr John Dalli saying that "Mater Dei" the Hospital that took 17 years to be built and is supposed to be a "state of the Art" kind of hospital is only a part time hospital and that the waiting lists are unacceptable, in the mean time these waiting lists keeps growing.

Now that the Opposition party have a new Leader and by next week will have all the people that are taking other places in the party hopefully it will move in some direction because till know it had not done much, One thing I would like to know from the Labour Party is the real reason why it had agreed with the Lisbon treaty, A treaty that everybody knows is not much more than the EU constitution under a different name the same constitution that was rejected where it was put to a referendum.

Malteseken ,Friday July 18 ,2008