martes, julio 18, 2006

Hi from Malta

Hi I`m new in here And today my computer decided to work properlybecause for the last week it wasn`t opening any programmes at all.

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La delirante dijo...

Hi Kenneth!! Welcome to the blogosphere! :) Thanks for the video of the mojito cubano :) I will have a look at it later on :)

Keep on blogging!

La delirante dijo...

BTW, you can join the Blogs of Malta group. You can find the link in my blogroll (I don't know it by heart)

Kenneth Cassar dijo...

Welcome to the blogosphere :)

Strange coincidence...I'm also called Kenneth, am also 37 years "old", and also love Monty Python ;)

Kenneth Cassar

L-Imżebbel dijo...

Merħba xbin! :)