jueves, julio 03, 2008


Today like everybody else I was very happy to hear about the release of Ingrid Betancourt. Since I found the Flash news on BBC rss feed I first started checking other news sites just to check if it`s true. Then started checking all the TV news channel and on one of them there was a conference from her sister Astrid and her two children Lorenzo and Melanie.

Just now on Al Jazeera English they are showing, Ingrid Betancourt and the other 14 hostages that where released, She looks a lot better than the last video that was released and she thanked one of the other hostages wich she said was her doctor in the jungle where they where being held captive for the last six years.

While checking for any videos on youtube for the latest events I didn`t find any, but there was this video wich is (Hommage à Ingrid bétancourt et à toutes les femmes otages dans le monde) dedicated to Betancourt and all the other women held captive in the world.

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